Vicky Ford MEP

Vicky Ford is one of the region’s most highly regarded MEP’s – “a breath of fresh air” to almost all of those who have been fortunate enough to meet her - and has been acclaimed across the Eastern Counties for “getting stuck in” to various problems faced by all manner of people, businesses and organisations.

The SMART group encountered Vicky when several members reported difficulties in getting paid by Brussels. As a result of Vicky’s office looking into the matter – and discovering that payments from Brussels were indeed wayward – fresh legislation has been drafted to make the payment mechanism far quicker, and as well as this there will be a new body to handle complaints from companies and organisations who are experiencing late (or in some cases, non) payment.

It is rare to take on Brussels and win, but these changes should take payments from Brussels into a more satisfactory timescale where 30 days to pay becomes the norm, a far cry from even the most recent Brussels efforts where payments were regularly delayed by up to 2 years, sometimes more, and in the worst cases not even made at all.