What is SCEE?

SCEE, originally called the Smart Club East of England, was founded by a group of  winners of the "Smart" scheme - the Government's R & D grant programme.  Winners of these awards are are seen as some of the most entrepreneurial organisations.

We were formed to provide an opportunity for those companies and individuals to get together and share experiences, and learn from each other. In order to grow from small and medium sized businesses into larger organisations almost all of these firms require help, advice and guidance to modest or zero cost.

This club’s mission is to help the members achieve the fastest rate of competitive improvement and growth.

Smart Club gives evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on "Bridging the Valley of Death"

On Wednesday 5th September 2012, in association with the SMEIA, we gave evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on why so many well managed SMEs fail to grow.  This is widely recognised as a serious barrier to growth in the national economy, and the Committee has been taking evidence from a number of sources.  We are one of the few witnesses who have direct experience of setting up and running small businesses.  

The Business Secretary has recently lamented the fact that so many SMEs are forced to turn business away because of the difficulties of raising finance.  WE firmly agree with him and believe and this is a major contributing factor to the enforced stunting of growth that the system presently produces.  WE are glad to see this this long-term problem being recognised.

Full details and text of the evidence presented can be seen here.

Smart Club has input to changes in European legislation

Working with one of the region's MEPs, Vicky Ford, we have been able to influence the wording of EU contracts aimed particularly at the SME sector. 

Proposals which will go before the EU Parliament in the next session are aimed to enforce much more rapid and transparent payments from Brussels, a matter which to date has discouraged many strategic SMEs from engaging with framework projects. 

There has long been an issue about the time between payments being agreed and cleared funds appearing in the contractors bank account, which has significantly increased the amount of working capital that needs to be tied up in such projects; these new rules should reduce these delays and hence expand the availability of working capital, always a critical issue for small firms.

The Second Lucy Houston Dinner
Plans are under way for the next Lucy Houston Conference.
Please watch this space for more news, or click here to register for more information.

The First Lucy Houston Dinner
On 17th March 2010 the SMART winners club for the Eastern Counties held the first of what is expected to be a series of lectures on the theme of Innovation and Industrial Regeneration, at Clare College, Cambridge. 
Lecturer: Professor Paul Kennedy
Dilworth Professor of History and Director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies, Yale University.
Author of " The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers”

Guest of Honour:  Correlli Barnett

Author of the books "The Collapse of British Power", "The Audit of War", and "The Verdict of Peace", famous volumes that chart the decline of Britain from imperial power to post World War II austerity.